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           Andrea webstore, its a website that bring more faith to customers all over the world so you can feel the spirit and blessing of the holy sepulchre through our products we sell online; our website bring you the chance to buy your products and got blessed in the holy sepulchre on anointing stone, mount of Golgotha or inside the tomb of Jesus Christ and all of this upon your request we attach a picture of your order in the place of the blessing, and we send you the picture to your email and if you request any prayer beside it you can request it directly from us.

           we  came for this idea for a website because we felt the need for many customer are asking about products from the holy land and they cant reach it so we decided to make this website to make it close for everyone and bless all the item you need on the ANOINTING STONE for FREE and this is from us because we are Christian and we know what is the blessing from the holy sepulchre church.

Church of Holy Sepulchre

its the place where Jesus Christ is crucified and there are a whole where they put a cross inside and beneath it they found a cave where the skull of Adam was found

Anointing Stone

its the stone when they took Jesus off the cross and laid him on this stone and back thin they where washing the body of the death and Jesus because he is special they put the famous Myrrh and Nard perfume and it was very expensive on the time of Jesus.

Jesus Face (2).jpeg
Tomb of Jesus

its the empty tomb they found when Jesus raised from the death and went to the sky and they make a renovation for the tomb.

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