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Best Mary Magdalena Nard oil from Jerusalem holy land from papa andrea store near by the church

Mary Magdalena nard oil

made by Papa Andrea family originally from Jerusalem and our shop is located nearby the church of holy sepulchre , we have been making this oil more than 50 years and its original and 100% pure , you can use this oil for several use like an incense when you put it with water and the candle down it makes vibration and make a nice smell in the home or in the church, the church use it for church secrets in baptism, wedding, first communion and second communion,....

this oil is made from spike nard flower that it is rare and difficult to find those days .

this bottle is 80 gram weight

the oil content is 65 ml

you can ask to bless it in the church of holy sepulchre church .

write us what you think about our nard oil

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