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Jasmine anointing oil

Jasmine Oil

Oil represents this presence and power of the Spirit of God throughout the Bible. Jesus was often referred to as the Anointed One, using oil as a metaphor for the Holy Spirit being present and acting in Christ.

Our Jasmine oil are made from Jasmine of Holy Land, premium quality perfume oil with strong smell that you can use it to anoint sick people, use it in wedding, baptism, first communion… all the church secrets but first you have to mix it with olive oil because it has strong smell, also if you have oil lamp you can put several drops in oil lamp and gives very nice smell, as well in incense holder vibration when you put water and several drops of oils and candle beneath it gives very nice smell for home or church , you can smell jerusalem through our oils.

Also you can use it for body but you have to mix it with massage oil, or olive oil with several drops on it so it gives you nice smell.

We seeks to bring you the best quality with best prices because we are Christian family in old city Jerusalem, our shops nearby the church of holy sepulcher since 1930.

The bottle are in plastic bottle with plastic cap

Quantity are: 60ml, 150ml, 250ml, and 500ml

Free international shipping, when you buy from us 50$ or more we send it fast shipping you can check our store.

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