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Orthodox Icon Serigraph Icon, Byzantine Art from Jerusalem

Serigraph Icon Hand made with gold sheets like byzantine art which where famous in to give the Icons its true place of faith

Certificate of authenticity attached. Size: 10 cm x 13 cm or 4 in x 5 in. Can be hung on the wall or used with the included stand. Due to their convenient size, our icons are perfect for your home or workplace.

The word icon is derived from the Greek word for image or resemblance. A religious icon is a sacred image. Icons often depict Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary, saints or other biblical scenes. They are used for devotional purposes.

Our Byzantine-art inspired icons are individually screen printed. Therefore, your icon will have the look and feel of a hand-painted icon. You may notice that each one is an exact replica of a genuine Byzantine painting. Our experienced hagiographers use a unique, premium serigraphic procedure honouring traditional icons. Each one is a mini piece of art.

To provide you with the best end-product, each colour in the icon is meticulously and reverently applied. As in olden times, our pieces also use gold foil or leaf, which is applied by hand. This gold provides the luminosity associated with reverence. The vibrant colours and traditional gold leaf stay true to the spirit of Christianity and Byzantine art.

We are a Christian family having stores in old city Jerusalem, next to the Holy Sepulchre church. We specialize in Orthodox Icons and Olive Wood Crosses. All our items are handmade from the finest materials. All of our items are shipped from old city Jerusalem Holy Land

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