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We bring you the spirt of  Holy Land

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Tomb of Jesus Christ
Holy Sepulchre church
Western wall
Dome of the rock
jerusalem rosary (2)
nard 100ml spry (2)
comfort crossmt3o (3)
nard 10ml spray (3)
rose500gram (3)
incense stick (4)
ceramic plate (4)
Soil from holy land (3)
virgin mary jerusalem silver 14-10cm (4)
talit royal blue (5)
Jerusalem cross (1)
olive oil3
Inside the church of Holy Sepulchre
one of the Jerusalem Market

Olive Wood rosaries; we have big collection of Olive wood rosary that are made in holy land specially in Bethlehem from different sizes and models.

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Famous 33 candles are used in Easter time and all the year that express the Jesus life on earth, there are two types of candles; paraffin candles which mostly come in white color and bees wax candles.

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Big Collection of silver, silkscreen, hand painting and paper icons are made in monasteries and famous fabric with good quality and good prices all of that at our webstore.


Anointing Oil are products that hugely used in the church of holy sepulchre to remember when the anointed Jesus Christ on anointing stone and when Mary Magdalena use it on Jesus to have forgiveness.


Big collection of hand made and fabric made incense locally and globally; our famous incense is Rose and Franck incense ( natural incense ) that are mostly used in the church of holy sepulchre


Big collection of Olive wood crossed ; byzantine crosses and Jerusalem cross in different models which express a meaning for each one and with a souvenirs from the holy land.

We bring you what you need from Holy Land

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