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Hand Painting Icon

        All the icon on our website are carefully selected and its hand made and painted directly on the wood and most of our icon are made in monastery in Greece and Jerusalem done by fathers and sisters, also they are directly painted on the wood not on canvas or any other material beside that the wood are selected from caprices wood that are specially for icon that will last for many years

Silk Screen Icon with Gold sheet

         Silk screen icon are made in Greece with Fine Gold sheet and good quality, the fabric we deal with is the best factory of icon has more than 50 years working in icons and we have a big and wide collection of silk screen icon with many sizes and models.

Silver 925 Icon

        Sterling Silver icon 925, icons are well made with good quality and its made from orginal silver and the collection contains 5 main sizes and one big sizes from virgin Mary of Jerusalem, virgin Mary of Bethlehem, Jesus Christ....., and all are made with good quality.

Paper Icon

Paper icon are made in holy land Jerusalem by a Christian family business with love and good quality and in each icon has a small souvenir from holy land (earth relics) on beside of each icon , there are several sizes and models and the prices are very good beside the good quality and they use a photograph pictures not a paper pictures.

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